Naming Ceremony

A special ceremony which welcomes your new baby to your family, friends and all who touch your lives. This is such a memorable moment for all to share –the birth of a child always bring such joy and the naming of a child is the introduction to all. The ceremony encompasses the love, care and responsibility parents, family and friends have for this new person in their world.

The choice of the given name is important – the name has meaning and exists to represent who they are - they are a unique individual. During a ceremony I can provide an explanation of the name.. The ceremony is yours and I will assist you to design it so it is memorable to you and for your child to look back on in years to come.

Naming Ceremonies can also be designed to celebrate an older child in the family. It is also a wonderful way to welcome and celebrate an adoptive child into the family. It is also a great time to welcome stepchildren into a new family – this is a very important time for them and allows them to feel the love, friendship of all who surround them.

Children can be any age – it is a unique occasion which celebrates love support and recognition of the relationship which will support their future development.

I would be delighted to discuss your naming ceremony with you.

One small child

One small hand to hold in yours,
One small face to smile,
One wet kiss as they say "good-night"
One small child.

Catch the moment, put it in your heart
The years too soon will fly.
These are precious moments,
more than money can buy.

Two small arms to hold you tight,
Two small feet to run,
Two small eyes full of love for you,
One small child.

Catch the moment and put it in your heart
and never let it go.
Save it for the years to come
when they too, will know.

One small hand to hold in yours
One small face to smile.
One small kiss and they say "Good Night"