Thank you, Jane. You do such a good job and nothing is too much trouble for you. You have helped to give us a most memorable day and we too are chuffed that Rowan in his own quiet way affected so many.


I would like to thank you, for your caring and warm delivery of the service for our dad John.
Take care and we may meet again. Kind regards.


Thank YOU Jane!  You directed us perfectly and I think Dad would have been proud of the Day.
Take good care of yourself.


We were so very pleased and grateful for your contribution to Mum’s funeral.  It was an excellent idea of your to ‘split’ Mum’s life into the professional and the personal, and your delivery of her eulogy was spot on.


Today you officiated at the farewell of my father James (Jimmy) Had anyone present not known him well when they entered the Chapel, they certainly did by the end of the service. I understand you worked closely with some of my siblings in putting together the service. You spoke with grace, you made us feel the importance of our father.  To us he was the world, he was a family man, a of many talents; a giver of life.  I earnestly thank you. 


From many comments received, it’s clear that the service was considered first class, ‘one of the best’ being a common opinion.
Thanks again for everything.


From people attending:
As I mentioned to you I think, Barb's service was the most inclusive ceremony I've been to in living memory.  I felt there was something there for everyone who knew her to link to.  You and your kids should be very proud. Barbara I think would also have been so very proud of you all.


Thank you so much for your wonderful service you are an expert in your field.


And thank you, Jane! It was a lovely day as far as I was concerned and just the sort of service Mum would have loved. The wake was great, maybe a few too many grape juices for me but it does happen! Thanks again.


We really appreciated your understanding (including those last-minute additions) and you made our father's farewell a real celebration of life.
We had many very positive comments about the service from family and friends.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for conducting Mums service last Saturday morning.
The service was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Mum even if we did underestimate the number of people attending.
Your care, concern and kind nature made an extremely hard time in our lives a bit easier.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


I would like to thank you again for the extremely lovely way that you spoke at the funeral. One of my friends thought that you were a member of my family because of the way you delivered the whole ceremony. I and my family cannot thank you enough for helping us at a very difficult time. Thanks again.


Thank you for your seamless and skilful running of the service.


It was indeed a wonderful send-off for mum. People said it was the best funeral they had been to.
You did a beautiful job your words superb.


Dear Jane,
Thank you once again, I believe that it was your interpretation of the eulogy that made it so special. And, yes we all had a wonderful lunch and many memories were shared by us all of such a special lady.


Hi Jane,
Thank you for making it a brilliant service, it was a pleasure to have you included in Dad’s farewell.
Just perfect !! Warm regards. 


Thank you Jane, for such a beautiful and sensitive smooth service and for the preliminary preparations and time you spent to listen to and engage with us.
It was a beautiful funeral and I feel Mum was sent off most respectfully with your thoughtful and kind words for everyone in attendance.
Again, many thanks, Jane, and all the very best wishes for a long, joyous and healthy good life. 


Good evening, Jane,
Thank you for your kindness, and help when I really needed it most. Your service was beautifully presented, and several people commented on your warmth in delivering the words. Everything was timed perfectly, and you and the team were just marvellous.
If you wish you can let other people read this, because I believe in people receiving gratitude where it is earned.


I will miss my mother, as all do who have lost a parent, but I will have lovely memories of her goodbye, which are already reducing the sadness. We were indeed lucky with the shaft of sunlight that broke through, and the lack of plane noise. You would not have noticed the two birds behind you, sweeping and soaring above, nor the cabbage moth that flitted around and finally landed on the flowers. Mum loved nature as do I.
Best regards. 


Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions and guidance in planning and running the service. As I relayed to you post the service, I’m personally very grateful we were able to have you as our celebrant. I think both Joyce and my late father John would have appreciated your attention to detail and kind, respectful approach. 


I think we all enjoyed the opportunity to share with you a little bit about who Joyce was and her life experiences in advance of the service. You displayed an authentic interest in learning about someone so dear to us and conveyed that well in the farewell.


Thank you to you Jane, you were great.
You are a true professional at your job. Very happy that we were lucky enough to have you for our Fathers funeral.
Best regards.


Hello Jane,
I was very happy with how everything went & received numerous comments stating how good the service was & how Dad would have liked it.
Thank you very much.


Thank you Jane, the service was truly special and heartfelt, your help and guidance throughout will forever be appreciated.
Thank you.


Thank you. Chris, mum and I thought it was a ten out of ten the whole thing.
Anyway, take care and thanks again for a fantastic ceremony.


Thanks be to you Jane,
The whole family commented on what a lovely service it was. 
Your talk was amazing. You captured mum perfectly and managed to work in all the things we wanted to say. Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated.
All in all, it was beautiful send off for a wonderful Mother.
Thanks again.


You were a wonderful focus of calm and strength during what was indeed a very stressful period for us, and we welcomed and appreciated your skills and experience - they make you a very special person. If funerals are for the living then they can bring families together and be a wonderful catalyst for bonding, which is what transpired for all of us, commencing with the service and continuing on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the role you played.


Thank you for a lovely service and for accommodating all of our changes and additions. We couldn't have asked for a better celebration of Mum's life. Thanks again.


Thank you on behalf of us all, it made a very sad time so much more bearable to have someone so caring and compassionate as your self to conduct Mum's service


I wish to thank you for a great job. You handled every meeting professionally and with sincerity. The way you spoke at the service was well received and I had positive comments afterwards. Thank you for everything you did for us.


Hi Jane, heart-felt thanks to you for the wonderful service you provided for Mum's day yesterday. All my family were so impressed with the dignity, simplicity and elegance of the whole package, and you played a huge part. Mum would have been so pleased it all eventuated just how she imagined it


We appreciated your sincere warmth, understanding and personal care at a time in which we are still coming to terms with such a tragic unexpected end to such a wonderful beautiful person that was loved and respected by so many


Thank you, for such a wonderful service. The comments we have received, by most of the people was that it was a beautiful service and how lovely your words were. Because, of you we heard the comment, quite often that the way you conducted the service.

(originals can be provided on request)